Refresher River Rafting Course, 2 Days


This is a 2-day workshop-style course, designed to offer both, a refresher program for more experienced guides as well as a comprehensive preparation for the SOA rafting assessment for aspirant guides. At the same time, this course corresponds to the third and last module of our river rafting training concept. In the 2 days, we cover all aspects of the level 1 and level 2 SOA river rafting assessment. This allows to refresh existing river skills and is an opportunity for guides to exchange experiences and solidifiy their guide skill set. We recommend this course for all foreign river guides who have to convert their licences into a swiss one, in order to get familiar with the national law/regulations and the conditions on swiss rivers. The course is NOT a substitute for a beginners course, it just repeates and solidifies already existing skills!


Bernese Oberland (Simme, L├╝tschine)


380.- CHF



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