In white water sports and water based rescue, safety should always be first! Thats why it is best, to aim at a solid and comprehensive education in outdoor sports as well as in water rescue units. As members of the expert committees, instructors and assessors of the SOA, we contribute to the training content and guidelines in switzerland and constantly update the learning objectives in our courses. As an official training provider for Rescue3™ Europe, we are specialists in water rescue for organized rescue units and professional rafting and canyoning guides.
To suit the needs for company specific guide training, we adapt our program and usually work closely with the respective companies to create a individual, effective training schedule. For more information or individual offers, please contact us directly.


River Rafting


Swift- and Whitewater Safety


Our courses usually run with a minimal number of 3 (canyoning)/ 4 (Rescue3)/ 5 (rafting) participants. We do oblige to operate under a strict safety concept regarding weather and other external factors. Therefore we do maintain the rights to cancel and abort whole courses or parts of it at any time. The advertised prices for the courses do not include food, transport and accommodation.

For more information or requests, please get in touch.