Manu Weibel

ManuFounder and instructor of Swiss Outdoor Training Center.
Working fulltime as a professional canyoning and rafting guide and whitewater rescue instructor around the globe since more than 20 years. Experienced in every kind of commercial trip from halfday canyoning tours in Switzerland to 21-day expedition style trips in Africa. Rescue3™ Independent Instructor, Instructor and assessor for the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA), expert in the Beirat von Sachverständigen BFU, member of the "Fachgruppe Rafting" and "Fachgruppe Canyoning" of the SOA, SOA Member of the Board, SOA Canyoning Guide II, SOA Rafting Guide II, SOA Tripleader.

Koryn Gould

River Rafting and WW-Rescue Instructor.
In the industry for over 20 years, Koryn is one of the worlds best, when it comes to teaching river rafting and rescue skills in white water. He has been working all across the planet, not only guiding but also instructing and teaching a whole generation of raft guides. His CV and list of achievements is too extensive to fit on this page, best is to chck it under:
Swiss Outdoor Training Center is proud to call him a member of its team!

Fabio Marinelli

Canyoning and Rescue Instructor.
Fabio has been living in Ticino for 14 years, and guiding canyoning for 10 years. His extended knowledge and experience of the canyons in Ticino are priceless and indispensable for everyone that ever has the chance to learn from him! He's also a serious rock climber and skier, and works as a physical therapist in the winter season. He speaks German, Italian, French, English, and grew up speaking Romansch. When he is not teaching courses, he is busy guiding and running his own company Ticino Adventures in Cresciano, TI.

Julian Schäfer

First Aid Instructor and Kajak Expert
Julian is a raft guide, passionate kajaker and qualified instructor for all our first aid courses. Born in Germany he is based in Interlaken since a long time and keeps travelling the world on numerous kajak adventures. Spends about 300 days per year on the white Lütschine...